Nissan GTR

Yes, the GTR. There’s very few cars which I deeply love and admire because they were created with passion for going fast in style. They include the Honda S2000, Toyota Supra MKIV, and the GTR. I can get a S2000 easily in this middle east market, Supra is harder to get, and the GTR, well I have to buy it new.

The last episode of Top Gear showed the New 2012 GTR V-spec which is more powerful and more grippy. I am just hoping they don’t discontinue the GTR or make it worse when I’m ready to buy it. There was no other car which I have been so serious to actually plan in advance and make it a point in my life to get. I’m a car maniac and have 5 cars as of now, but this just strikes me as the ultimate value and style to roll in.

What I love about this car is the stability, turbos, 4WD, and the dual clutch gearbox. That’s all under the bonnet which gets the car moving. I haven’t actually stepped foot in one and have not test driven it, but a sort of feeling you get when you see something and dream about it is out of this world. I like the screen functions in the car, the seat styling, of course all I’ve seen from pictures and videos.

I’m sure I will get my hands on one of these babies sooner or later though!