I’m a reader. I read. BUT, not getting time to. I’ve read a lot of great books and that status can be followed at Goodreads, my username there being “rivalbro” as well.

From the books I read, at least from the latest ones, I liked the King Killer Chronicles best. It’s a story about a man named Kvothe and it takes place in two different time periods. There’s a narrator for the present time and Kvothe becomes the narrator for the past. The book has taken me into my fantasy world in dreams. It’s streamlined great and goes into the important details, something I really admire about the author. See I have read other good books like the Hunger Games, although the book was really well done, it seemed that sometimes an extreme amount of detail was substituted in to make the book longer and it wasn’t really needed.

I have not really felt like sleeping when reading one of the Kingkiller Chronicles books. I have experienced that with any other book I’ve read so far. The author’s name is Patrick Rothfuss and you can look him up in Goodreads or his own website. The two books till now in the trilogy which are released are The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear. Two great books and in my opinion they are a must read.

The book cover are below for reference.