Name someone who has significantly influenced the way you see the world

No one. I see the world as I see it. You should too. The world is not fare, the world is a mess, the world is not a fairy tale. People should learn by their experience of many things and see what reality is. A lot is going on in the world, things are unfair, sometimes you get lucky and good things happen but mostly it’s just a whole lot of unlucky things happening to you and all around you.

Nowadays, everywhere you look there’s wars. Religious wars, business wars, wars against terrorists or fictional terrorists, resource wars, etc etc. Basically anything there is in the world, there’s fighting above it. Why should it be that way? Because there are people who want to stay on the top of the ladder, who want servants and want to be rich. These are the very people teaching the world that democracy is the best possible way to run a government, little do people know these people are pulling the strings of the whole world from behind the scenes, so how is it a democracy? It’s just a really big Monarchy!

Think about things.