Spotlight: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

You can read all about the Fullmetal Alchemist series here. I’m going to say what I feel and think about the series.

In a world where Alchemy exists and there are people who practice is. The story starts off in 1914 and involves the struggle and adventures of two brothers who wish to regain their bodies back which they lost earlier in the story. Al, the younger brother, lost his whole body and is affixed to an armor suit. Ed, the elder brother, lost his right arm and left leg which are now mechanical thanks to their friend Winry.

They look for the Philosopher’s Stone which is a mythical item said to possess immense energy. Alchemy is science in which the philosophy of equal exchange is used. With Philosopher’s Stone, you bypass that philosophy and create something out of nothing. But we later find out in the series that human sacrifice is needed to make the Stone in the first place so it’s not like your creating something out of nothing. I have watched the original series which didn’t follow the actual story. Now I’m watching the second release and take on the manga and it’s called Brotherhood. This is said to faithfully follow the manga so it should be interesting.

I think this Anime has it all and is one of the best from Japan. The writer is very clever to have written such a story. The Anime is not like other smaller anime’s in which if they get a super power they would have the whole series play like filler episodes. The whole concept of the fictional Alchemy is intertwined in the story itself.

Watch it, but watch Brotherhood.