Name one thing you wish you could go back and change about your education.

It didn’t look anything like this, where I went…

I would pick a different school. The school I was getting my primary education really sucked. They didn’t know how to teach, well, they did know how to teach but they taught the real lessons in their after school tuition sessions for which they got paid extra by the rich parents of kids.

We did not have a glorified financial status thus I did very poorly in school. Well now I know why that was, even when my answers were right, those teachers used to fail me. I came 5th in the class once because one teacher actually checked all my papers and was appalled by the other teachers’ behavior and corrected the wrong markings.

It’s all a silly greedy people’s network formed and nested in school to demotivate students. People in US cry that their education system is not good, well, come to a third world country before you start crying.