Car culture here where I live and difficulties

Courtesy of SpeedHunters

I love cars, they are everything for me as of now because I’m not married nor do I have a girl to love. What I love is my cars.

My prelude is getting it’s engine swapped as we speak and should be ready either this week or by next week, depends on the next point I’m about to make. In Oman you cannot get a car mended like it was in showroom condition. You cannot restore vehicles. We don’t have mechanics, the place is full of half-assed electricians calling themselves mechanics. There is no sense of a clean job, after the shop guys are done with the car, you will hate yourself for giving it to them. They don’t just dirty the engine bay, but also the seats, dashboard, the glass, everything! And also while they fix something, they break another so you keep in a cycle of going back to them always because they know exactly what they broke!

I’ve been trying to restore my 1981 280zx but to no avail. They couldn’t fix the engine, so I swapped the engine. They did a low quality job with it which I’m not happy with. I have to make so many more modifications to get it right.

Do not at any cost buy a car which you don’t know anything about. Learn about the car before you buy it so you know how to fix it when something goes wrong. Never rely on others, there’s no one who cares about your car as much as you do.