Weather change in a dry country

The weather in Oman is basically dry and hot. I like it. I don’t like the cold or wet, never did. Recently due to some reason it started raining for a week, the whole face of this country changed, and now it’s cool which is what I don’t like. Many people think I’m weird but this is how it is with me. I like the hot weather, the feeling you get when sun rays hit you, the brightness in the surroundings, I really miss all of that.

Now I have to wait for a while till the weather changes back to how I like it. I hate the rain, absolutely hate it. I know the blessings of the rain for a place, ¬†for wild life, I’ve seen the documentaries. It’s for wild life, and to be honest, in this civilized world, rain just becomes an obstacle in day to day life especially in a country not built to control it’s effects. It floods everywhere, you can’t get to anywhere and even if one drop falls the cars on the roads just brake for no reason and causes massive traffic jams.

I just hope for it to get hot and dry soon, again.