What are the top five websites you’d hate to live without?

For me the following for sure which I check daily at least once:

This is a web-comic series which I’ve been following since the beginning with a very nice story line. I specially like the artwork and the sarcastic references which the characters converse with each other.
Although the story line has come to an end, the artist continues to update the comic page with current relevant gaming sarcastic comics which I like.
Simply the best place to get automobile news from every nook and cranny of the world in one place with high quality pictures and reference links to the original news as well. The journalists are experts in what they do and make me keep coming back for updates every morning as I have my coffee.
I love football, known as soccer in the USA. So this site which is made in simple code loads fast and provides me information of fixtures on everyday, past, and future planned fixture dates. This website also lists the TV channels the games will broadcast on.
If a person buys any car, they should for sure join an enthusiast forum for that car. This website has been a very valuable resource for me getting to know my car and have made friends in the other corner of the world because of it.