Review: Storm Front (Dresden Files #1) by Jim Butcher

I like reading and in that I like reading fiction. Fantasy books are my favorite. So this book is the embodiment of what kind of things I would like to read. I enjoyed this book pretty much from the start but it did not finish with a kind of bang I expected it to, really, all to say the ending was not satisfactory to me.

Now the negative part is taken care of, let me introduce you to Harry Dresden. A private investigator/wizard in Chicago. He has a lousy office and a basement apartment. Business is not too good and he helps out the Police department on cases which don’t make sense. He’s also in trouble in the magical world so he has to be good and watch out so he doesn’t get in trouble on both sides.

The book starts with the police calling Harry to have a look at a murder scene where the victim’s heart have exploded from inside their chest opening it up. No scientific method explained this so that’s why the “wizard” was called down by the paranormal department head Murphy. Harry gets introduced to a few characters in his short first adventure which also lets him look for a missing husband. He is also tailed by Morgan, a watchdog of the magic world who is like a parole officer for Dresden.

If he wants to solve the murder case, he must experiment with dark forces, Murphy insists him to do it and get answers. But if he dwells into playing with dark forces, Morgan will arrest him and put him in front of the White Council; sort of like a court of the magical world which exists parallel to the real world.

Harry is clever and an experienced wizard who has a dark past. He can see into souls of the people by looking into their eyes. When he does that they other person can also see his soul. Most people have screamed and fainted by having a look into his soul, that’s how dark his past is and the things he has done.

I give this book 6/10 mainly because of the ending which did not satisfy me enough. Maybe Butcher kept it that way so he can make a bigger engine in the next book, Fool Moon. But after reading Storm Front, it doesn’t really make me want to read the other books. Have a read and maybe you will like it more than me.