Recap: The Prelude

Felt like writing a little recap for my Prelude.

  • Bought on 10/10/2010
  • Swapped the Accord engine with a JDM H22A
  • Bought Neptune RTP with a P28 and Motec Demon
  • Made VTEC work
  • Bought all turbo parts
  • Installed them myself
  • Got the exhaust done from a shop
  • Tuned the car ourselves
  • Bought a clutch
  • Clutch replacement shop messed with boost and engine blew up
  • Car was sleeping for a year
  • Took all the turbo parts out
  • Swapped the engine with an Accord Type R F20B engine

Now just have to be patient with everything.

Update: 25/11/2013

There was a little storm where I live and things were flying around. The windshield got damaged and is cracked in several places.