2012 Subaru Legacy 2.5i


I was in the market for a new vehicle since August 2012. I was specifically looking at a fast car at the time. That changed to an off-road machine. And that later on changed to a safe family sedan since I became involved with a lady. I checked out all the dealers on what they had to offer and settled on this hidden gem in the modern world.

I bought this car new November 2012. Thought I would review what this car is all about. Read more of my thoughts.

It has quite fair mid-size sedan specs:

  • 2.5 ltr Engine
  • 170/170 HP/TQ
  • 5 seating capacity
  • Large trunk space
  • Automatic 6 speed CVT transmission with manual shift ability
  • Symmetrical AWD

The last bit, the AWD system, is not found in any of it’s competition in the price range. The whole experience of having a mid-size sedan is changed when you go over canyon roads and hills and utilize this system. If anyone knows anything about me is that I am a tech geek, and when it came to buying a car, I studied every car to the point of knowing more about it than the sales person selling it. Although this is my first car with an automatic transmission, it’s a really fun to drive and I’m not saying that only because I paid for it.

Let’s start with the engine. You get 170 torque with the low 170 horse power. That means that it can accelerate fast for overtaking utilizing its mid range torque curve. In mid-size sedans this feature is really appreciated. The engine, of course being a Subaru, is a boxer 2500 cc. This means it makes an amazing exhaust note even if it’s muted down with the stock mufflers. It takes ten seconds to reach 100 KM/Hr which is decent for a car weighing 2 tons! Yes, 2 tons, which brings me to the next part.

Safety. Subaru has done an amazing job by achieving a 5-star safety rating for the Legacy. Even though it weighs 2 tons and drinks a little more than the competition, it’s really a good feeling sitting in a car with a full score in a crash test.

Gearbox. A CVT 6 speed automatic with pedal shifts. Although I don’t completely understand the difference between Subaru’s special CVT and other manufacturers, it feels different. It feels like the EVO X’s gearbox. Very precise response and feels like a real manual.

Capacity. The car seats 5 comfortably. It really is spacious and also has a large trunk. Now me saying spacious is a big deal. My height is 6’1 so when I sit in the front and adjust the seat and then test the space left in the back, it’s a big deal when I say I can sit behind myself comfortably.

AWD. I didn’t have the extensive AWD experience before this car. I climb a mountain pass everyday on my way back from work because of traffic on the main highway and this car overtakes superior and more powerful cars on the turns easily and without even the tires squealing. When someone does try to overtake me then I let the tires squeal and lose them behind me. The all wheel drive system gives me real confidence in taking turns and I’m still told that I’m slow, so I just need to let the car grow on me more and be more confident of the AWD to take turns faster.

The car is a limited edition called “Special Edition” from Subaru. Our market is not UDSM or JDM or EUDM, its Middle East spec cars. The market is based on hot weather so the cars don’t heat up in the scorching heat. So we get more cooling power in the cars with even more powerful air conditioning than any other markets. We get summer tires which work all year and need to change every 60k KMs.

The insurance I paid was 250 Rials full coverage for a year covering Oman and UAE for me and 2 passengers.

The car came to OMR 10,150 total. It’s a full options package with the exception of a glass sun/moon roof. That only comes with the turbo version which costs a lot more and which I desired but couldn’t afford for what was offered for the price, essentially the same car with less creature comforts and more power.

The creature comforts are:

  • In-dash CD/MP3 player
  • USB and line in jack auxiliary
  • reverse camera
  • blue dome light for night on the gear knob
  • fully automatic front seats with lumbar for driver seat
  • key less entry
  • 17-inch wheels
  • Xenon head lights and normal fogs with normal high beams
  • Special edition spoiler
  • 7 air bags

So below is a gallery of pictures of the vehicle all taken by me.