One year update

I see that it has been 362 days since my last update, well this is life, I’ve been busy.

All what happened to me the past year:

  • Changed jobs
  • Bought a new car
  • Got engaged
  • Started building my new home

All of this seems very little to accomplish but this is what has taken my time mostly. Read more to find out.

I changed the company I work for and it’s relaxing now. I used to be the only one in my department in my old place, here I have a full team supporting me and my scope is not that big and I get paid the same as before when I was working my ass off!

I bought a new car in October ’12. It’s a Subaru Legacy 2.5i, although I wanted a sports car, I had to think a lot and finally settled on a safe family sedan because I was planning for the next bit.

In November I got engaged to a beautiful girl whose name is very close to mine. We have a lot in common and she is a very understanding lady. Wish us your happy thoughts!

And finally, work started on my new home. I got 900 sqm land on which I’m building a 150 sqm house. Finally would be able to make a home workshop and gym.

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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all other greetings I missed.