Book review: Red seas under red skies

Cover art

Cover art

Book number two of the Gentleman Bastard series by Scott Lynch. This book took the setting from a city to an open pirate ocean. Our protagonist has to face the troubles created for him by his sworn enemy and also make new friends and sail the sea with them while planning to eliminate these friends at the same time. Also he has to accomplish the hard work he’s been doing, planning to rob the most secure safe of the whole city!

The book starts by our guys who escaped the clutches of the evil beings in the end of the last book and escaped the city to find themselves doing fairly well and planning to rob the highest and safest safe in the new area. But as luck will have it with them, they are not left alone to do as they wished, plans have been made to make them do whatever and make them suffer if not die.

He falls in love, he defends his friend, he shows his skills, Jean should have been the real protagonist and not just a side hero to this great story. It’s because of him that Locke is not killed several times over in the whole tale and Jean is the one who loses the most towards the end. Why wasn’t he cast as the main protagonist? I understood this after finishing the third book, the Republic of Thieves. As much as I loved the 3rd book, I feel RSURS has it all and is better written than the really all talk and no go of ROT.

Overall, I want to say, if you have read Lies of Lock Lamora, there’s no better way to follow up on the tale of Locke and Jean. Read this but do not read ROT yet, that book is a big cliffhanger, so wait for book 4 to be released and then take on both the same time.

Score: 4.5