The Republic of Thieves

Republic of Thieves


I read this last year and just realized I did not write about it anywhere, not even on Goodreads. Well then let’s talk about it now. We meet our friends and this time see them miserable and Locke on the verge of death as a result of Red Seas Under Red Skies. They are saved by their worst enemy to be thrown in a world of politics. Yes. Politics. I think Mr. Scott Lynch wants to make the Gentleman Bastard an all in one series. We had an Ocean’s Eleven kind of story line in the first book, then a pirate story in the second and now a plot with politics.

Now onto my criticism. I think the politics was not written correctly. If you want to read this book because someone advertised it as it involves political conspiracies and such acts well you should look someplace else because this doesn’t involve a very strong plot involving politics.

But, this is a book by Scott Lynch and Locke Lamora is released in his best habitat to do what he does best, con. This time his enemy is the love of his life, Sabetha, the one we thought so much about in the first two books. It turns out that Sabetha will do anything for business and she does. Intelligent girl, I really liked the Julia Roberts style of Sabetha though. She is strong willed against others and also against her closest thing to relatives.

In the end, you realize that political intrigue which the characters talk about actually doesn’t exist. Lynch did not write heavy political plotting in th elikes of Joe Abercrombie but this was to my liking as I hated and couldn’t actually finish The Blade Itself.

The read is rewarding though as there is another mystery revealed towards the end of the book which I can’t wait to discover in the next book. Hopefully it will be talked about in the next book but knowing Scott Lynch I think those mysteries will be solved in the final book as it took two books to actually meet Sabetha in the first place.

This time the plot involves changing a republic. Winning votes. But in this course our protagonists change the whole country upside down and in the end we get to meet the arch enemy of Locke who is back for his revenge. The author makes us think as well, everything is not spoon fed and that’s a good thing. I hold high praise for Mr. Lynch and love his writing style, he really makes me want to start writing.

Read Lies of Locke Lamora and Red Seas Under Red Skies before reading the Republic of Thieves. And overall, this series is a must read.

Score 4.5/5