The car crash which took lives’ of 3 little ones

The sad site above is the result of a completely avoidable loss of 3 young lives. This sad story happened on Wednesday January 22nd, 2014.

I have studied for a few years in Texas, USA. Seeing how people complain about the education system there makes me laugh. But this is about the school buses, there are monumental differences between USA and Oman in that sense. You might be used to the school bus rules of driving 20 miles an hour at the time of school bus movement and stopping when students get off the buses. There is nothing of that sort in my country, sadly.

The incident shown above happened on a morning. The same school I talked about previously is where the children were being transported to. The school doesn’t take responsibility for transporting the children to and from their homes so it falls on third party individuals to do this and earn in the process. There are a lot of children studying in that school, in fact all the Pakistani children of Muscat go there because that’s the only Islamic private school.

Now onto the buses. These are maintained by their owners, the maintenance is just that they need to move, have insurance, the blinkers should work, doesn’t matter if AC works or not, and have seat belt for driver and the passenger sitting in the front. That’s it. This is the reason that my children would never go on any transport provided by either the school or private to their education.

I am mad at the government at this and hold them fully responsible for this avoidable incident. I don’t call this an accident because this was a deliberate act. The drivers of these “school” buses are not specially trained at all and do not know they hold someone else’s children’s lives in their hands. That awareness and education is not provided to them at any stage. This is not enforced by the government and so it’s the children and their parents who suffer.

I am a health and safety professional and I know how to minimize this from happening. The steps to take are clear as water but have not been taken. The reasons being in my hypothesis is that these individuals earn their minimal by doing this trade but cannot spend to follow special guidelines. This is total avoidance of what is at hand. This country has one of the worst records of deaths by vehicle accidents in history and nothing special has been done to rectify this.

Now we come to the drivers. I see school buses on the road everyday and I see the way they drive. I would not like myself to be in that bus or near it, that is how it’s driven, how can the parents let their children ride in these buses? Maybe the parents are uneducated or not aware of the danger which lies in this and that is the job of the government to fix.

I am not writing a conspiracy here but I do not understand the reasons for not enforcing strict rules for school buses. Special driving techniques for these buses. Speed limiters for these buses. Cameras to monitor them. And above all, keeping a close eye on the bus drivers’ capability and road attitude. They should be made understood that they hold so many lives in their hands.

I might not be in the right mind at the moment to write about this so I leave it at that. Government of Oman, please do something!