Nintendo Wii

The Console

The Console

When this was first teased, “gamers” were laughing at the console and Nintendo for dedicating a whole generation of console on motion gaming. When it launched, everyone gasped at the amount it sold. The story of how I [finally] got my hands on my very own Wii.

When it first launched in 2006, I was not interested as at that time I wanted to play big production games and refined graphics and not cartoony games. This I believe was a mistake from my part as I went for the Playstation 3 and not even Xbox 360 thinking and keeping my faith in Sony and also since I was a fan of the Metal Gear and Gran Turismo series.

Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 were HD consoles where the Wii was a normal one. Little did I remember that I grew up with Nintendo games before my Sega Genesis days and Mario and Zelda were imprinted in my DNA.

Fast forward to 2011, when I went to purchase a Wii for my little cousins and had the geeky chance to install and play with it. I of course picked up some big name games such as Metroid and Zelda along with the normal Mario Kart and Wii Sports stuff. I started Zelda on it and played for 10 minutes which made my little cousin bored out of his head (Kids like games to start right away I can understand and not slow depth like Zelda). So I popped it out and put in Metroid from which my little cousin got scared. Oh well.

Although I didn’t get a lot of chances to play on the Wii after that and my bought Zelda and Metroid were never touched again as well so I kept them and waited for the day I would be getting my own Wii. End of last year my best friend wanted to buy a Wii for his whole family to play in their spare time so we went to the shop where I buy my gaming stuff, hooked him up with a Wii and got a few party games. We went to his home and installed the thing and they started playing on it.

Sadly they got bored and sold it to some kid after a month. This proved that the appeal of the system before using it is immense but can get bored easily. Now that I was checking out some videos from my Youtube subscription feed, one guy popped up, Metal Jesus. He is married, old enough, but still enjoys games and collects them. I watched the hidden gems video and it reminded me that there were so many good games I missed out just because I didn’t have a Wii console. That’s Nintendo, they might not make a lot of games but the ones they make are high quality buckets of fun. I never really played the Twilight Princes or Wind waker and felt this is the time for all of them.

So I went to my game shop and asked for a Wii. I was surprised how cheap it has become because of the launch of the new generation of consoles. So now to see how it fares up and how soon am I bored with it. By bored I mean do I beat the games I wanted to play or leave them hanging and stop playing…………